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Campaign Kits

Posted September 13, 2016 in LeadOutcome News, Campaign Kits, Lead Generation
You may be wondering: What is this LinkedIn Success Booster Kit training?

Well, it is based off what is happening ...
Posted August 18, 2016 in LeadOutcome News, Campaign Kits

Click here to watch the replay of Using LISB & FFL Selling Campaign Kits!

This Thursday (today) we will be going through the contents of the LISB and FFL Selling kits. These kits are designed and optimized...
Posted August 03, 2016 in LeadOutcome News, Campaign Kits

We are so excited that we are finally unveiling Follow Up for Life 3.0!   Check it out below and see all the new features in this amazing automated sales funnel.  It takes marketing automation to whole new level!

This Thursay's Webinar will be all about Follow Up for Life.  So if you today have not automated your follow up or would like to learn more about it, come to our webinar.

Thursday 1:00pm ET
Posted July 19, 2016 in LeadOutcome News, Campaign Kits, Lead Generation
Click here to rewatch Measuring Success with Follow Up For Life & LinkedIn Success Booster Kits

This Thursday we will have Will Berger, LeadOutcome Founder & CEO, show us some really cool stuff on our Thursday webinar. 

This webinar will be purely educational. There will be no sales pitch,...
Posted January 28, 2016 in LeadOutcome News, General, Campaign Kits, New Releases

If you did not get a chance to attend the webinar I did announcing the new LeadOutcome Compensation Plan Changes and Enhancements,  click on the link below.

Posted May 06, 2015 in LeadOutcome News, Campaign Kits
I am so excited we are finally here!  So many of you have asked when the "Campaign Kit Author" program will be launched and tomorrow it is finally becoming a reality!

If you are not interested in this you can stop reading.  If you are not interested in putting in place multiple recurring revenue streams for yourself, you can stop reading.   

This webinar is not for everyone. If you are serious about offering marketing...
Posted March 18, 2015 in LeadOutcome News, Campaign Kits
As you have noticed, LeadOutcome and Steve Rosenbaum are pretty excited about our new Campaign Kit called the foreverFollowUp kit.  The main reason is IT JUST WORKS! 
Posted February 08, 2015 in LeadOutcome News, Campaign Kits
As you all know by now, LeadOutcome is all about helping you put your marketing campaigns on autopilot, and that is the purpose of Campaign Kits. Campaign Kits are Done-For-You Campaigns that have been designed by a Marketing Automation expert to run for you 24x7x365 days out of the year all on auto pilot.  Campaign Kits work while you sleep; they do not go on vacation, take time off work, call in sick or stop working during the holidays.  They are working for you 100% of the time....
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  • Unlimited 1-Click Library
  • Unlimited Campaigns
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